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Recent plugins

Progress Tracker

A small (2KB) jQuery plugin that creates a fixed progress indicator based on your content and allows linking between them.


Circular Progress

A jQuery plugin to create, manipulate and animate a circular progress bar. Complete with public methods and callbacks



Simple plugin to animate text being typed. Includes options to configure speed, deletion, deletion speed, cursor.



A plugin to create triangle based mouse trails on a page.



For project specific information on setup, environments, and personnel we have a repository called Tangent Docs. Note: this is a private repository. You will only be able to access it if you are a Tangent Snowball employee. We also have a Confluence account that holds a lot of our documentation and useful information (speak to a Tangent Snowball to gain access to this).


We have a gallery site that holds all of our latest prototypes, experiments and general play things, to act as inspiration for our designers and UX engineers. It's called DevelopmenTS and you can check it out here: