Thanks to folk like Drew Wilson (Pictos), Keyamoon (icoMoon), Dave Gandy (fontawesome) and P.J. Onori (Iconic) the practice of storing icons in a webfont is becoming a regular part of any web designer's arsenal.

At Tangent Snowball we realised these good folk all had great icon sets, but we still wanted to make our own firstly, as we love a challenge and secondly, as we wanted a set of icons we could customise per project.

We thought, having done all this work we may as well share, so feel free to use these icons on your projects! Unless you're worried Snowcone is fully accessible, and works in all browsers, down to IE6/7 (with a little help from jQuery).

Our set is in it's infancy right now but we'll be adding new icons. Check our Readme for our current wishlist and feel free to suggest/add more.

What makes webfont icon sets great is that they scale to any size or pixel density (newsflash: new iPad ready!), and can be set to any size or colour without new graphics being generated.

For early adopters, there were accessibility concerns but, thanks to tireless research by folk like Drew Wilson, these concerns have been overcome (he has written a great article about it).

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